Full Stack Developer Salary In India For Freshers & Experienced

What Is Important To Know?

It’s not easy to choose a career in the field of IT. Once you enroll with a course, you begin to worry about uncertainties – what if the course you have choose becomes obsolete after you master it! Well, we know you wouldn’t want to make your future bleak by choosing any random field of expertise for your career. So, the best bet would be to select a course that is in demand today and has got the potential to be in demand tomorrow.

If you are on a serious lookout for such a course, http://mirrorsoft.in/data-structure-in-greater-noida/then opt for Full Stack Development. The demand for full stack developers is growing unabated. Companies across the globe are in dire need of professionals who can not just work with PHP but also HTML. And it is because of this that full stack developer salary in india for freshers & experienced is so high.

If you think you have the potential to be a multi-skilled developer and staying updated with latest technologies is your hobby, then you can choose full stack development as your career, without a second thought.

Already interested in learning more about Full Stack Development and the compensations earned by full stack professionals? Well, we have dished out a handy guide here to help you decide on whether or not to pursue full stack development as a career.

What does a Full Stack Developer do? How skilled they should be?

Full Stack Developers are IT professionals who handle client side as well as server side programming. So, they are both backend and frontend developers. While some people think they are no specialists, they need to have knowledge in a lot of different areas which makes full stack developers IT experts in their own right.

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What Technical Skills does a Full Stack Developer need?

HTML and CSS are not the only skills that full stack developers need to have; they must also know how to program a database, a server or a browser.

When they work on the front end, they need knowledge in any of these areas – Gulp, Grunt, React, Angular, XML, JSON, HTML DOM, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML.

And when they work on the back and, they need expertise in one or more of these- Less, Sass, Parse.com, MongoDB, SQL, GO, REST, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, Java, PHP etc.

LAMP stack, LEMP stack, MEAN stack, Ruby on Rails, and Django stack are some of the stacks that a full stack developer might have to work with.

So, one thing that gets pretty clear here is that serving as a full stack developer is no easy feat. They help in the reduction of overall project costs and swap their front end and back end roles whenever needed.

With sufficient knowledge in front end as well as back end technologies, full stack developers are able to handle their job smoothly. In some cases, they might also be required to have knowledge of API, VCS and server. Added knowledge in algorithm, data structures, testing, design and security will only act as an added feather on their hat. Although this is a long list of skills, you need not be scared, as a full stack developer only needs basic knowledge in these areas; no in depth knowledge or expertise is required.

Non – Technical skills that a Full Stack Developer is needed to have

  • A full stack developer needs to perform a lot of different roles; so, patience is a must-have quality for them.
  • They also need great analytical capacity.
  • If you are a finicky programmer who likes to attach a lot of importance to details, then you can definitely be a successful full stack developer.
  • Creativity will help you climb high echelons of the success ladder fast, without hurdles.

Why the demand for Full Stack Developers is so high in India?

  • The rapid growth of startups in India is a clear reason why there is a huge demand for full stack developers here. Startups as well as as large established companies are on a constant lookout for developers who are skilled to work in multiple domains and can handle various roles. Hence, employers don’t anymore prefer to hire professionals with narrowly focused skillsets. Hiring full stack developers is a cost-effective option for them and a great way to avoid miscommunication that arises when a lot of people have a say in projects.
  • Today, there is simply no dearth of work for full stack developers. Companies that have just started out need well-rounded professionals, with multi-pronged skills. Full Stack experts fit into this requirement snugly. Although they appeal more to startups, they are equally popular among biggies. Hence, it’s worth noting that in the current scenario, job opportunities for full stack developers are in plenty, and the good news is- the picture is only likely to get rosier in the future.
  • There is a noticeable shortage of truly skilled professionals in this area. Jobs that demand full stack skills are in plenty, whereas the supply of appropriate candidates is low. By pursuing a full stack Developer certification course, you will not just do your bit towards tackling the issue of skill crunch, but will also cause your market demand to grow. Corporate houses across the world are looking for job-ready full stack experts; and it’s time you too took advantage of that.

These reasons account for the growth of full stack development as a profession in India. All this also explains why full stack developer salary in india for freshers & experienced is so high.

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Career scope for Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers are skilled in a lot of areas. So, for better prospects, they can choose to work upon themselves and hone the already existing skills. With talent, experience and hard work, they can also get promoted to higher levels at work like project manager. They can also choose to become educators or entrepreneurs.

Note that it’s challenging to be a full stack developer, and it is equally rewarding. It’s a creative job with great financial opportunities. As a result Full Stack Development may be counted among the best IT career options out there.

Full Stack Developer Salary In India For Freshers & Experienced

Full stack developers earn an average of INR 6,23,920 annually in India. It may, therefore, be asserted that full stack developer salary in india is impressive.

However, the salaries might differ according to one’s experience, rank allocation or place of service. Now, let’s have an insight of the dynamics of the compensations.

Salary based on the employer

While Tata Consultancy Services offers a salary of INR 452,846 per annum on an average, IBM pays INR 659,371 to its employees, annually. Average annual compensations offered by Vassar Labs, Nuclei, Report Garden, Accenture, Wipro and Gale Partners are INR 785, 542, INR 1,055,280, INR 809,013, INR 530,241, INR 420,826 and INR INR 818,863 respectively. Talking about Infosys, the average annual salary they pay to their full stack developers is in the range of INR 335,000 to 424,000.

Cognizant Technology Solutions has a slightly better upper cap, with the salary range being INR 240,000 to 625,000. Note that Oracle makes an impressive offering of INR 1,390,000- INR 1,693,000 per annum; Tapzo too follows suite and offers a salary of INR 1,100,000 to 1,210,000 per year to its full stack developers. Posist Technologies may also be counted among top payers with is annual average offering of INR 834,000 to 995,000.

Salary Based on the Place of Service

When it comes to employment location, cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai make the most impressive salary offerings, Bangalore being the best employment location with an average salary offering of INR 760,880 per annum. The next best location is Mumbai, which offers its full stack developers around INR 634,612 per annum. You can also look for enjoyment in Gurgaon where you can expect an average salary of INR 620,410 per year.

New Delhi is close behind and pays around INR 593,391 to its employees, annually. Chennai is also a good location,, and you can earn somewhere around INR 585,956 here. In Kolkata, the average compensation offered is INR 504,036 per year

Salary Based on Experience

It’s no secret that salaries increase with the increase in a candidate’s work experience. So, a full stack developer can make good money with some years of experience in their kitty. The entry level average salary for a fresh graduate is around INR 375,000 per annum. If you have an experience of 1 to 4 years, you can easily make around INR 553,006, annually.

Further, if you have mid-level experience of around 5 to 9 years, then you can expect an average annual salary of around 12 to 14 lacs in India.

Salary Based on your Skills

The average salary of a full stack developer can also be higher with additional skills. For instance, a full stack software engineer, having command of JavaScript, can earn about INR 593, 213 per annum. With Node.js skills, the compensation can go up to INR 625,096, annually. While software engineers with Java skills can make around INR 583,500 yearly, React.js skills can fetch you nearly INR 782,993. If not anything, full stack developers should learn Angular.js, so as to make an annual average earning of at least, INR 360,000.

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Why become a Full Stack Developer?

  • The job market value of full stack developers is significantly high. Also, businesses these days look for multi talented people who can shoulder diverse responsibilities and lead multiple areas of expertise. Full stack developers are multipronged specialists whom you can trust with projects of diverse nature.
  • As cited above, the salaries earned by full stack developers are impressive. Since they can lower their company’s operating costs, employers love to hire them and don’t hesitate to spend on them. Another reason why they make such good earnings is because they are able to to work with different technologies and frameworks, without hassle.
  • Also, full stack developers are versatile professionals, in demand across industries. Starting from IT companies and banks to other financial institutions, full stack developers are sought almost everywhere.
  • Full stack developers are skilled enough to work on the front end as well as the back end. Plus, they are acquainted with various aspects of development. This implies, their role is highly flexible. This is extremely important for people who hate to build walls around their creativity.
  • Full stack developers are highly productive at work. They know how to add images to web pages, and they also know how to create data bases. This gives them an upper hand over other developers whose scopes of work are often limited.

Final words

There are endless opportunities for full stack experts in India. Companies are more willing than ever to rein in highly skilled full stack developers for whatever it takes. And this explains why full stack developer salary in india for freshers & experienced is on a rapid rise.

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